About Cosmic Rain

Progressive Rock Band made in Switzerland

Who doesn't know King Crimson, Opeth, Yes, Gentle Giant and Dream Theater?

But wait a minute, this is not all there is in progressive rock! From Geneva, Switzerland, once the land of Jean Calvin and the Reform there is a Progressive Rock and Metal influenced Band aiming at slightly reforming this genre again, because change is the rule of the genre not dogmatic following!

We play Prog Rock coming from both mind and heart and we avoid the sheer pop format for our ideas, taking our imagination seriously.

Come and join us in this Journey!


Marc Joray

Musical influences:
Gentle Giant
70’s Progressive Rock
Trey Gunn
Stick players

Laurent Nigg

Voice and Guitar
Musical influences:
Dream Theater
Allan Holdsworth
Bowie’s Berlin Trilogy and thereafter

Arnaud Bosch

Live Keyboard and Backing Vocals
Musical influences:
Led Zeppelin
Colour Haze