29 March 2017


Cosmic Rain’s Albums and Releases:


The SEEKERS Concept-album available since January 30, 2019, available on all digital distribution platforms like Spotify, Itunes etc


ARTWORK by Costin Chioreanu, Twilight Media. 


 Cosmic Rain’s first EP : Utopia, released in September 2017.

ARTWORK by Costin Chioreanu, Twilight Media. 

Cosmic Rain Discography - Utopia cover


2.Pagan Senses
4.Theatrum Mundi


Laurent Nigg / Guitars and Vocals
Marc Joray / Fretless Bass
Kik / Drums


All songs composed by Laurent Nigg and arranged by Cosmic Rain.
Played, recorded and mixed by Cosmic Rain.
Drums recorded @Kitchen Studio by Yvan Bing.
Artwork by the Almighty Costin Chioreanu.
Sleeve design by Kik.
All rights reserved @2017
Many thanks to Damien Schmocker @Urgence Disk for his participation.
Many other thanks to all of you for supporting us.


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