29 March 2017

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THE HELIOPOLIS EP is available since June 30, 2020. 5 new songs dealing with the theme of the quest for happiness.


  1. Approaching Heliopolis
  2. Hyperborean
  3. Tired Sun
  4. Epiphany
  5. The Happiest Man

Happiness: The Theme For the Record

Happiness: living in the moment, not worrying about the future says Seneca and many others. The natural tendency of looking for better moments in the past or the future plays a great part in our problem with happiness, just like the predicate «pure», one cannot claim to be pure without losing this status; happiness seems to vanish once you realize too much. Nietzsche says that the amount of truth one is able to endure is a kind of test of the strength of one’s spirit. Fair enough, but what exactly constitutes the strength of the spirit then ?

Certainly the power of imagination and creation, the power to transfigure the alleged brute and unidimensional « reality ». Funny to observe that imaginative are the theories in contemporary science and imaginative are the worlds created by the artist. This does not mean that there is no truth or objective, external world, this just means we might access this world by different means. There is a surprising connection between science and art, surprising at least for the blinded man. As a child you usually have this experience of the entanglement of things, later the adult separates things in static and dead categories.

Here you’ll find some clues about the songs I wrote during the year 2019 and recorded in 2020. Without the musicians  to transform these songs into real things, they will remain as pale as dreams in one’s head, hence thanks to Kik, Marc, Willem, Arnaud, Donato, Yvan, Nico and Raph without whom all of this would not be possible or real.

Yours truly, Laurent N.

Somewhere in Europe 2020


Hyperborean is a song about the North. From the perspective of the ancient Greeks, paradise was situated in the North. The Ancient Greeks thought indeed that paradise existed in a land called Hyperborea, a land beyond the cold winds of Borea. Pushing the idea a bit further, I focused on the Catharist idea of dying in nature called Endura. I understood this idea as returning to the primordial nature. The recited text is taken from Novalis « Hymnen and die Nacht » as the text matched the cold atmosphere of the song.

Tired Sun adresses the view from a being whom presence is accidental on this earth. This being looks human, but actually never belonged to humanity, he comes from somewhere else… This being is « on the outside looking in », he will never belong to a community. The perspective of being a distanced one is on one hand a curse, but on the other hand a chance. A curse because one will never belong, a chance because one sees things at a distance and hence more clearly. With the right perspective, things might become enchanted again.  

Epiphany deals with the James Joyce’s idea of having an epiphany in ordinary circumstances, i.e. a complete view of the meaning of one’s existence yet being placed in an ordinary place of everyday life. The main character « Bloom » in Ulysses reaches this state somehow in easiness and effortlessness. If there are such epiphanies, even not knowing exactly where they come from and why, they form a group of ideas working like natural « healers ».

The Happiest Man This song deals with the main theme. The happiest man is the wisest man. In this « beautiful passing light » we stand, trying to give meaning to all this chaos, to transform chaos into meaning. The recited text is taken from Seneca « On the shortness of life». 


Credits All music and lyrics created by Laurent Nigg and arranged by Cosmic Rain. Except The Happiest Man by Arnaud Bosch and Laurent Nigg. Patiently and philosophically recorded and mixed by the Great Serge Morattel in January 2020 in Rec Studio, Geneva. Artwork and sleeve design by Costin Chioreanu. All rights reserved ©2020. Thanks to all our families and friends, the Jochems for their hospitality in December 2019, Progmeister UK, Steven Conrad for reviews in the US, Prog Mag UK. This record is dedicated to all music fanatics of this world.







2019 : SEEKERS

ARTWORK by Costin Chioreanu, Twilight Media. 

The SEEKERS Concept-album was released in January 30, 2019.

The idea was to write and compose a concept-album about the human quest for truth, for that purpose we needed the help of some essential philosophers and writers like Nietzsche, Bukowski, René Char, Lovecraft, P.K.Dick, J.C.Powys and E. Jünger.

7 authors, 7 songs, 7 ways to seek the truth about the world or is it about yourself ?

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1. Cadiz Overture

2. Sils-Maria

3. Dimensional Gates

4. The Powers That Be

5. The Marmor Cliffs

6. The Journey and Its Tones

7. Hot Water Music


All songs composed and lyrics written by Laurent Nigg and arranged by Cosmic Rain.
Played, recorded and mixed by Cosmic Rain.
Recorded @Gatillon Farm, Haute-Savoie by Kik.
Artwork by the Almighty Costin Chioreanu.

All rights reserved @2019 Laurent Nigg
Many thanks to Damien Schmocker @Urgence Disk Again for his kindness!
Many other thanks to all the dedicated prog and metal fans, newspapers, radios and webzines.




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Cosmic Rain Discography - Utopia cover

 Utopia, released in September 2017.

ARTWORK by Costin Chioreanu, Twilight Media. 


1. Horizons
2.Pagan Senses
4.Theatrum Mundi


Laurent Nigg / Guitars and Vocals
Marc Joray / Bass
Kik / Drums


All songs composed by Laurent Nigg and arranged by Cosmic Rain.
Played, recorded and mixed by Cosmic Rain.
Drums recorded @Kitchen Studio by Yvan Bing.
Artwork by the Almighty Costin Chioreanu.
Sleeve design by Kik.
All rights reserved @2017
Many thanks to Damien Schmocker @Urgence Disk for his participation.
Many other thanks to all of you for supporting us.


Far Away Jack is an unavoidable song in Cosmic Rain’s live sets. This is the first single and first song of the band, available here :

Far Away Jack

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